New product alert! Made Simple, but stunning.

Here at The New England Collection, we are aware that sometimes the simplest way is the best way...especially when it comes to stairs. Sure, we can make you a custom size stair runner out of any of our wonderful options - but if you're looking for a classic design with a quick turnaround time our Made Simple Ingrain stair runners just might work for you.

Manufactured in long rolls which are stocked in our showroom, this product can be quickly cut and fabricated into the exact length needed for your staircase and installed in a matter of days.

The easygoing patterns lend themselves to many interior styles, and the visibly textural herringbone or ribbed weave adds depth and movement to even the simplest of the designs.

Like our Kouhi Collection, these designs can also be stitched together side by side, or in any other configuration of your choice, to create a fully customized room sized piece with a quick turnaround.

Want to accent your rug throughout your space? Consider using this flatwoven cloth as a fabric for cushions, throws, or furniture upholstery for continuity within your interior.

View this collection on our website by clicking here, or contact us to get started with your Made Simple order today!

This year is a learning curve for everyone in so many aspects of life; and now as we find ourselves in a time which traditionally represents back to school, we are learning that changing our traditions is not as easy as we would like it to be.  

As our homes become our classrooms, we are pushing ourselves to change the ways that we and our children learn and grow.

It's no secret that basic geometry, bright colors, and interesting textures can enhance creative thought and critical thinking.  That's why we're sharing designs which bring us back to the basics of learning.

Colors can enhance our mood too.  Lively colors promote a healthy level of energy - which is more important than ever in a world where classes involve sitting in front of a computer all day long.

If we can promote happiness and creativity through the spaces we live (and now work, learn, and play) in, perhaps we can retain some sort of normalcy within the balance of our wold.

Let's try to design spaces which aid us in navigating this new and strange normal.

Let's make it a priority to create compelling spaces to help us do that.

Lets celebrate all the vibrant things that there are to be grateful for in life, by filling our homes with color!

Lets embrace the unexpected new ways of learning in a way that enriches our souls.

While we may still be adjusting to the new systems that we find ourselves navigating, there's no reason we can't have fun while we do that in the most efficient way possible.

Bringing bold colors and basic shapes into our interior environments just might be the basic building blocks we need to move forward into this new system of education we find ourselves in, and may even enhance our learning curve in a positive way.

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