THE NEW ENGLAND COLLECTION is a full line of re-imagined classics and contemporary geometric designs in three distinct carpet media: Hooked rugs since 2000, Gross-point needleworks, and Rag rugs, both since 2006.

All standard sizes are programmed, but unlimited colors, sizes and shapes may be had on special order. Hooked rugs are available in a wide variety of materials: cotton fabric alone, cotton and jute, wool and wool and jute; while the needlepoints come in all wool, and wool and silk combination; and the rag rugs in cotton on cotton base.

All product lines are handmade and employ only natural dyestuffs. Colors are stable and longlasting.

The regular order turnaround time is approximately three to four months from initial order to delivery, but expedited production and shipping are available.

All designs are available in sample size and will be sent for examination on request.