The master bedroom of this coastal Nantucket home by Nina Liddle Design began with the rug. Texturally compelling, American Hooked Rugs pair with other weaves easily, often bridging the gap between multiple tactile finishes. There's also a durability for a lifetime of use, and that clean edge that pile rugs lack.

Design number 1202A2 from our American Hooked Rug Collection has that perfect sailor vibe to it's color way and lines - a great base for a coastal space. The pattern pairs beautifully with Christopher Farr Cloth's "Punch Paisley" with the contrast of forms and opposing ratios of blues and whites playing in fanciful juxtaposition with each other.

The white boucle upholstery by Rosemary Hallgarten sort of grounds it all with serene reprise. It's natural texture playing off the earthy wallpaper's own grain and hue. A subtle pinnacle of interest is the light fixture, drawing on coastal elements to transport us mentally to the shore.

I can almost hear the waves crashing gently, can't you?

There's something about the clean finish of a hooked weave that really pairs so nicely with waterside vibes. Here's a few that might bring you sailing.

Or, check our full line of American Hooked Rugs here!

As spring finally brings us some warmer weather, as the sun shines and the flowers bloom, I find myself drawn towards the fresh air and the new growth. Similarly, in art, I find myself drawn to landscapes and floral elements. Being a textile nerd, when the two combine, it's exactly what I'm looking for.

Here's a little bit of spring embroidery art I've found on instagram recently.

Bloom and Floss (@bloomandfloss)

Textural and tiny, these little landscapes have a big impact. There's something about miniaturizing that is so compelling; perhaps it's because it forces us to look closer to see the intricacy of detail.

Pengelly Crafts (@pengelly.crafts)

Gradients through a building of threads give these detailed flowers and leaves a three dimensional effect and an almost hand drawn quality.

Rebecca Ewe (@foreweremore)

I rather enjoy the explorative nature of this artist, the way embellishments of non-thread elements such as lace and shell bring us further into the scene.

Louise (@sewbeeeit)

Powerful use of color and varying thread techniques build layers in these happy scenes that draw a smile with their charm.

Sometime in Spring (@sometimeinspring)

Theres an elegant delicacy to these floral bursts - their composition and color choices incredibly soothing - like that perfect spring breeze on a sunny day.

I'm continually inspired and amazed at what people are able to do with a needle and thread. Who is your favorite embroidery artist that you've found?

In an upper east side apartment in NYC, designer Ryan Lawson takes the artistic flair of his clients and creatively constructs a clean and mature space to highlight their tastefully eclectic collections. Curious elements draw the eye and capture our attention to focus one in, or whisk one away, on a journey of the mind.

Simple things, like that perfectly mellow wall color paired with reflective surfaces, smooth lines, and easygoing textures express a sense of comfort in this modern living room.

Grounding all these perfectly styled elements is a textural silk carpet. The small scaled high-low repeat pattern and natural hues play harmoniously with the photos above the sofa bringing us easily into a frame of peaceful thought.

The 9018 series from our High-Low has a confident appeal in any color. Which one is your favorite?

interior photography: Taylor Hall O’Brien
styled by: Liz Gardner

It's easy to unwind in the elegant media room of this Hamptons waterfront retreat.

In this high contrast space, designer Shawn Henderson achieves a balance between the dark and colorfully moody wall/sofa color, and the lighter off-white components that is both striking and soothing.

Henderson uses soft textural elements to add some cozy depth while a linear rigidity draws the eye upwards and across the room allowing one to really take in the entire space.

This is the kind of room that indulges the senses and makes you want to touch everything - to feel the contrast of solid and soft - and to get lost in the wind blowing through the branches outside of the windows.

If I had the perfect adult tree house, this would be it!

The carpet, design number 16058B from our Ingrain Collection, has a sort of natural vibe that is both texturally interesting, and incredibly durable - ready for whatever life brings it's way.

Loving on this space? Here's a closer look at the carpet that grounds it. Upon inspection one can see how the weave itself creates interest that is both intriguing and tough.

Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller of Carrier and Co set the stage for a holiday season of festivities, with gratitude for the warmth of good company, the richness of shared laughter, and the beauty of a table ready to welcome many.

A sense of calmness exudes from the mix of soft blues, ivories, and creams found repetitively used in varying facades and fabrics that is accented by the edge of reflective light upon surfaces as sun pours through the large windows.

There’s a juxtaposition of textures between the large scale of the ceiling and the small scale of the rug that leads the eye from top to bottom of this space, featuring design number 9026A from our High-Low Collection.

A textural carpet provides an additional layer of depth to any room. Ready to get textural? Check out our High-Low Collection and give us a call to get started.

This fun bedroom by Fox Nahem Associates uses varying textures and circular forms to create a playfully layered space - the thick knit throw blanket playing off of the bubbly stool, the hand crocheted headboard adornments by Tammy Kanat texturally pairing with the hooked carpet. A circular vase sits atop a round mirrored side table to reflect all of these circles in obscure ways.

Unironically, this well rounded room is grounded by the colorful circles of design number 1174F from our American Hooked Rug Collection.

The 1174 series spins the circle into different vibes by playing with color combination and rigidity of form. It goes from playful, to sophisticated, to calming, to strong and serious. Have a look at some of the other variations on the design.

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