"Color became its own spatial framework in this Manhattan apartment, with designer Ryan Lawson channeling Carlo Scarp in a series of vibrant interventions. 'James and Steven seemed up for a different formula,' the designer reflects on the idiosyncratic palette, which eschews white walls in favor of a shade he calls "cream of mushroom soup". Against that neutral backdrop, bold splashes offer visual anchors. Counterintuitively, Lawson explains, these bold gestures offer moments of rest. "It frees your eye from having to look at small things.""

~Arch Digest

The carpet is a fully customized piece using an antique Persian flatweave paired with material from our simple yet stunning Kouhi Collection, which is perfectly suited to Ryan's unique eclectic style.

You can create a similarly punchy look for your own space using pieces of our Kouhi material to build your own fully customized design.

Choose your fabrics and your format, and we'll fabricate your carpet in house, which makes for a much faster turnaround.

Here's some samples of the solid colored materials available for you to get creative with, but don't forget that we've got a slew of neutrals that might be more your style - check the full collection to find your perfect fit.

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