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Posted by The New England Collection on May 23, 2024

As spring finally brings us some warmer weather, as the sun shines and the flowers bloom, I find myself drawn towards the fresh air and the new growth. Similarly, in art, I find myself drawn to landscapes and floral elements. Being a textile nerd, when the two combine, it's exactly what I'm looking for.

Here's a little bit of spring embroidery art I've found on instagram recently.

Bloom and Floss (@bloomandfloss)

Textural and tiny, these little landscapes have a big impact. There's something about miniaturizing that is so compelling; perhaps it's because it forces us to look closer to see the intricacy of detail.

Pengelly Crafts (@pengelly.crafts)

Gradients through a building of threads give these detailed flowers and leaves a three dimensional effect and an almost hand drawn quality.

Rebecca Ewe (@foreweremore)

I rather enjoy the explorative nature of this artist, the way embellishments of non-thread elements such as lace and shell bring us further into the scene.

Louise (@sewbeeeit)

Powerful use of color and varying thread techniques build layers in these happy scenes that draw a smile with their charm.

Sometime in Spring (@sometimeinspring)

Theres an elegant delicacy to these floral bursts - their composition and color choices incredibly soothing - like that perfect spring breeze on a sunny day.

I'm continually inspired and amazed at what people are able to do with a needle and thread. Who is your favorite embroidery artist that you've found?

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